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Tobacco Board’s Growers Welfare Schemes

  1. Short title, extent and application:
  • This scheme may be called the “Tobacco Board’s Growers’ Welfare Schemes”.
  • It extends to all the states in India where FCV tobacco is growth.
  • It shall apply to all registered FCV tobacco growers.


  1. Definitions:

In this scheme unless the context otherwise requires:

  • “Tobacco Grower” means – a person who has obtained a certificate of registration under Section 10 of tobacco Board Act, 1975, for growing Virginia tobacco.
  • “Board means the Tobacco Board established under Section 4 of the tobacco board act, 1975.
  • Apex Committee means committee constituted under clause 9 of the scheme.
  • “Regional Level Committee” means committee constituted under clause 10 of the scheme.
  • “Dependent” means the dependent members of the tobacco grower including:
  • Wife or Husband of te grower as the case may be;
  • Unmarried male children up to age  of 25 yrs
  • Unmarried female children;
  • Dependent parents;
  • Funds means the Tobacco Board’s Growers Welfare Fund constituted under clause 11 of the scheme

    Membership registration:
  • All FCV tobacco growers registered with Tobacco Board are eligible to be members of the schemes.
  • All such growers willing to join the scheme shall apply in prescribed application to the Auction Superintendent of the respective auction platform
  • Each grower who is willing to join the scheme shall pay an amount of rs.1000 as initial membership fee along with the application form.
  • Every registered member shall nominate the dependent person in prescribed form for the purpose of receiving the benefits. Provided that any nomination made by such registered member in favour of a person who is not a dependent member shall be void.
  • The member may change the nominee at any time by submitting an application in writing.

    Renewal of registration:
  • Every registered member whose name has been registered shall renew his registration every year at the time of registration as grower.
  • Each member shall pay an amount of Rs.200 towards renewal of registration.
  • A registered member who fails to renew his registration shall get his registration renewed on payment of Rs.100 per year for every year of default he remains as a registered grower.

    Suspension and cancellation of membership:
  • The auction superintendent concerned may, if he has any reasonable cause to believe that the membership under the scheme has been secured by a member by making any statement in relation to any application or the registration, which is incorrect or false or in contravention of any of the provisions of the scheme, suspend such membership pending the completion of enquiry against the holder of such membership.
  • The Auction Superintendent concerned may, if he is satisfied, after making such inquiry as he may thinks fit, that the registered member has made a false or incorrect statement of the nature, cancel such membership;
    Provided that no such membership shall be cancelled unless the grower member thereof has been given a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against the proposed cancellation.
    Provided that such enquiry shall be completed within 30 days of suspension of the member.
  • Every registered member whose membership has been cancelled shall forfeit his claims under the scheme.